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Maelys Beauty Product Goes Viral In 4 Months

Maelys, an e-commerce beauty and cosmetics company based in Israel, is the creator of the wildly successful face mask product worn by top supermodels.


Maelys observed a trend happening in Europe where top celebrities were uploading pictures of themselves wearing beauty face masks and the photos were going viral. As an innovative beauty company who uses the most cutting-edge technology, they felt they could capitalize on the same trend in Israel by producing their own face mask product and supporting its launch with a comprehensive content marketing strategy.

Maelys had experience using Outbrain in the past, and believed that a detailed plan that mapped out every stage of the purchase funnel, from awareness to conversion, would allow them to grow sales of the face mask within their target cost per acquisition (CPA) of $10.

“ I've worked with many networks all around the world, and still by far Outbrain is the best team I've ever met. “

- Yariv Citron, Founder, Maelys


After creating videos with four celebrities using the face masks, and getting 100 bloggers to write about the product, Maelys began paid promotion of the content only using Outbrain. Each step in the funnel was methodically planned out with the following three primary stages:

1. Press coverage article about how Maelys brought the trend to Israel from Europe.
2. Article showing Israeli celebrities wearing the masks.
3. Fun commercial videos showing the product.

By using Outbrain's Story Sequencing feature, Maelys was able to retarget people only after they had consumed a specific article in the funnel.


Within four months of launching the product went viral, selling tens of thousands of products directly through Outbrain. Outbrain retargeting worked better than both Facebook and AdRoll, reaching four times higher click through and conversion rates. Average spend per customer was also the highest from those who came from Outbrain.

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