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Attention that
drives impact.

Onyx by Outbrain™ is an open web branding platform designed to maximize consumer attention and drive greater brand impact.

Drive attention across long-standing publisher partners such as:
Appear in a dedicated,
Drive the highest
Engage your
in new ways
Deliver the
you need
How Onyx drives business impact

The right

Viewable, relevant placements at the highest
attention moments within articles

Young professional holding a coffee and smiling while browsing his phone
How Onyx drives business impact

The right

A suite of exciting, rich Video and High-Impact Display
experiences to spark exploration and interaction

Young lady sitting at her kitchen while smiling at her phone
How Onyx drives business impact

The right

An AI-powered prediction engine that ingests over
1 billion context and interest signals per minute
to predict when people are paying attention

Futuristic swirly lines with ads floating all around
How Onyx drives business impact

The right

Real attention and outcomes, verified by leading industry partners

Logos of: Double Verify, iab, Adelaide, Google Certified Publishing Partner, General Data Protection Regulation, tag brand safety certified
How Onyx drives business impact

The right

Unique insight into your audiences’ interest and
how they engage with your brand

Woman exercising in the gym looking at her phone when stats from her exercise are floating in front Fitness-Mobile-Static - The Right Insights
How Onyx drives business impact

Attentive by

Our award-winning Brand Studio is our in-house creative service,
using data-led strategies to build custom creative activations —
designed to resonate with your audience

Guy drinking coffee while smiling at his phone with ads floating on the picture Attentive by design article example

Experiences Designed for Attention

Pre-Roll Video


Engage audiences in the most contextually-relevant environment possible: serve your video ads alongside premium, contextually-aligned editorial video — at the ideal moment in the article browsing experience.

Pre-Roll Video
Outstream Video

Outstream Video

Generate greater ROI with your video assets, by reaching audiences at the moments of highest predicted relevance and attention as they read editorial content.

Outstream Video
High-Impact Display


Experiment with a variety of unique Display formats designed to showcase your brand and spark interaction, across standard and customizable formats.

High-Impact Display

Better Brand


Higher Engagement Rate Than CPG Category Benchmark.

Partnering with the Outbrain team and trying new engagement tools as an exclusive use of content allowed us to maximize CTR and VR, at a very efficient cost, achieving outstanding results in terms of engagement.”

Yaara Gilat Media Manager, Strauss

Higher Engagement vs. Comparable Formats

We achieved great results in terms of output and campaign approach. We were able to easily monitor daily performance, in terms of whitelist, ability, and more. We enjoyed a remarkable level of flexibility, and we loved the fact the custom format was impactful and non-intrusive. Working with Outbrain Brand Studio was a smooth and effortless process.”

Luca Petrachi Digital Specialist, PHD Media

Points Completion vs. Other Video Channels

We’re pleased to collaborate with Outbrain beyond engagement and performance objectives. Outbrain’s contextually powered video offering has allowed us to reach our viewability and completion targets in a brand-safe, premium environment.”


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