Auto Brand Drives 48% Higher Conversion


SEAT is an international automobile manufacturer. Its website contains a wealth of high-quality content including rich video and photo media, geo-location tools, test drive apps, and downloadable brochures. They also gain a vast amount of positive product reviews generated from the automobile press in the UK.


SEAT wanted to build awareness around three of its flagship models, drive traffic to its website, and encourage visits to both the test drive booking page and the brochure download page.


PHD, SEAT’s media buying agency, applied an innovative approach to content marketing by combining amplification of positive third-party press coverage with display advertising and retargeting.

outbrain native advertising


SEAT’s decision to amplify third party positive car reviews on UK publisher sites, led Outbrain to deliver a 48% better conversion rate against visits to test drive bookings and brochure downloads pages, compared to post site banner retargeting.

*Outbrain’s cost. Display retargeting of visitors to

At SEAT we consider independent and credible reviews to be a vital part in the customer’s purchase process. By using Outbrain, we have been able to maximise number of visits to these reviews. Through Outbrain’s promotion we lowered our cost per lead for test drive requests, making them a critical part of our overall marketing mix.

Claudia Ulrich, Communications Manager, SEAT