Personal Shopping Service Outfittery Builds Lucrative Customer Base with Outbrain

Success Story

Outfittery is an online personal shopping service for men‘s clothing that provides a speedy and straightforward shopping experience. Each customer relies on a team of style experts to create individually selected outfits that are delivered to the comfort of their homes. With over 600,000 customers in eight countries, Outfittery is Europe‘s market leader in personal shopping for men.


The open web has become one of Outfittery‘s crucial performance marketing channels ever since its partnership with Outbrain began in 2016, delivering high-quality traffic and strong consumer loyalty.


After 12 months, the revenue derived from Outbrain users delivered higher returns than comparable online channels. Also, users driven to Outfittery by Outbrain were 20% more likely to return to the service than other Outfittery customers.

Outbrain further exceed expectations when it came to other KPIs, with a first-class cost-to-turnover ratio and a shopping cart value that is up to 10% higher for Outbrain users than for comparable channels. These results were made possible through Outbrain’s precise targeting technology, which leverages user’s interests, and engages users at the discovery moment when they are open to new recommendations and offers.


Since our collaboration with Outbrain, native ad traffic has increased five-fold due to the success of the campaign, and we are very pleased with the customers we’ve received through Outbrain. Thanks to Outbrain‘s algorithms, we reached our target group – fashionable and price-conscious men – much better than with simple demographic targeting. We have chosen cookie-free, server-to-server tracking and appreciate the precision of Outbrain’s technology.”


Laura Burlacu, Online Marketing Manager, Outfittery

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