Laura Geller Beauty Achieves 174% ROAS from Driving Sales with Outbrain

Success Story

Laura Geller Beauty is a cosmetics brand developed by professional makeup artist, Laura Geller. The company provides a range of products, with a modern approach that is easy-to-apply and designed to flatter all ages and skin tones.


Looking to experiment outside paid social platforms and connect with new audiences to drive online sales, Laura Geller Beauty partnered with Outbrain for an open-web campaign. With a hyper-focus on media efficiency, the goal of the campaign was to maximize the number of sales based on a strict CPA goal, achieving a strong ROAS as a result. 


Beauty brands have found an innovative way to connect with shoppers, such as using influencer marketing to build engaging GIF assets on social platforms like Instagram. Wanting to make its influencer partnerships more impactful, Laura Geller decided to expand that approach to the open web. The brand used Outbrain’s Clip format – designed to achieve lower-funnel performance KPIs with short-form animated assets. Using a mix of headlines and GIFs dedicated to a range of Laura Geller Beauty products, the campaign was delivered to open-web audiences bringing strong ROAS based on the Outbrain platform.

In efforts to prime user engagement for action, the campaign also leveraged Outbrain’s automated bidding that optimizes toward ROAS and CPA goals. This helped the brand drive as many conversions as possible within its set goals, and guarantee an efficient open-web campaign. 



Clip enabled Laura Geller Beauty to showcase its range of products in an engaging way and spark user action, while Conversion Bid Strategy ensured an efficient campaign strategy. 

We partnered with the Outbrain team to see if we could successfully test a new marketing channel while still hitting our customer acquisition goals. Once we achieved those targets, we wanted to see how much scale there was. Within a few months, Outbrain quickly became our second biggest advertising channel while still hitting our ROAS targets.”  

– Scott Kramer, VP of Growth, AS Beauty Group

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