Clarins Boosts Campaign Performance with Outbrain’s Engagement Bid Strategy Tool  

Success Story

Clarins, a French company with a presence in over 150 countries, is the leader in high-end skin care in Europe.


For the release of its latest ‘Double Serum Eye’, Clarins’ objective was to generate qualified traffic on the product’s redirect page and ultimately generate sales. Achieving these ambitious engagement goals is a real challenge for brands following the recent changes brought about by GDPR.


Outbrain’s ability to innovate and adapt to these changes, as well as its close collaboration with the brand in ten countries, convinced Clarins’ e-commerce EMEA team to test Oubtrain’s Engagement Bid Strategy (EBS).

EBS, an automated bidding solution, optimized campaigns based on user engagement from Clarins’ landing page, enabling better targeting of users who were most likely to interact with its content. 


By leveraging its own Google Analytics site-centric data via EBS, Clarins managed to reach a far more engaged audience at scale.

We are constantly looking for new solutions to compensate for the increase in our acquisition costs due to the loss of user data. Outbrain’s response with its new EBS feature confirms its position as an essential partner in our media mix. I am impressed by Outbrain’s ability to continuously innovate and help us achieve mid- and low-funnel performance in this new cookieless era.”

– Jean-Pierre Emlek, Senior Acquisition Manager, Europe, Clarins

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