Bosch and segmenta Reduce CPC by 80% for Cookit #LikeABosch Campaign with Outbrain

Success Story

Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH is one of the leading home appliance manufacturers in the world. Bosch Hausgeräte stands for state-of-the-art household appliances that are adapted to the demands and changing needs of its consumers. Under the claim #LikeABosch, the company presents innovative solutions for healthy and sustainable living. In 2020, Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH entered the thermal cooking market with its new product, Cookit. This was Bosch Hausgeräte GmbH’s first product to be sold exclusively via its own web store.


In 2021, the campaign was updated and integrated into the #LikeABosch campaign. At the center of the campaign was a powerful TV spot. segmenta, Bosch‘s partner agency, developed a full-funnel campaign that extended the spot and the world of #LikeABosch to other media platforms, ultimately leading the target audience to purchase via various touchpoints. In collaboration with Outbrain as an open web advertising partner, Bosch and segmenta leveraged the recommendation platform’s Click-to-Watch and High-Impact Display to increase awareness. To achieve lower funnel goals, they used video stills and Outbrain’s Standard ad experience.


With the #LikeABosch campaign, segmenta put a strong focus on maximizing awareness, improving brand image, and generating high-quality website traffic. For this purpose, different advertising media and formats were used for the individual funnel phases to achieve maximum attention and high engagement.

The fast, attention-grabbing videos around the Bosch Cookit highlight the USPs of the appliance and arouse curiosity. Media planning prioritized high-quality, memorable placements, while segmenta chose an optimal mix of formats for these video assets to be used effectively.

Outbrain’s High-Impact Display offered a solution that made it possible to generate brand awareness without disturbing consumers with invasive formats. For Bosch and segmenta, this meant achieving brand safety, high visibility and increased engagement.

Meanwhile, Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch video format starts only after the consumer’s conscious choice to watch the spot, generating the target group’s full attention for the Cookit. After clicking the integrated CTA button in the branded player, users were taken directly to the landing page.

By pre-qualifying the target group via the click, traffic quality was also
significantly improved. Viewers clicked on the CTA more frequently compared to video campaigns on other platforms and, in addition, dwell time on the landing page proved to be significantly higher.


Bosch and segmenta achieved excellent engagement and led their target audience to purchase thanks to Outbrain’s ad experiences.

We are very pleased with the results we were able to achieve with Outbrain. It was important to us to take the #LikeABosch message beyond TV to consumers and convince them to use Cookit. Outbrain’s attention-grabbing formats and exclusive relationships with premium publishers allowed us to appear in a high-value environment and successfully showcase our product.”

— Jehane el Hachimi el Idrissi, Digital Marketing Specialist, Bosch Kleingeräte

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