The Best & Brightest in Technology

Executive Team
  • Yaron Galai

    Co-Founder and Co-CEO

  • David Kostman


  • Ori Lahav

    Co-Founder, CTO, and General Manager, Israel

  • Elise Garofalo


  • Eytan Galai


  • Yossi Amara


  • Gilad de Vries

    Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development

  • Asaf Porat

    Senior Vice President, Global Head of Operations

  • Daphna Michaeli

    Vice President, Global Head of People & Culture

  • Veronica Gonzalez

    Chief Administrative Officer & General Counsel

  • Ayal Steiner

    Vice President, Global Ad Revenue

  • Stephanie Himoff

    Vice President, Global Publishers and Platforms

  • Alex Erlmeier

    International Managing Director

  • Sarah Baird

    General Manager, North America

  • Erin McCallion

    Vice President of Global Marketing

Board of Directors

  • Yaron Galai
  • Shlomo Dovrat
  • David Kostman
  • Jonathan (Yoni) Cheifetz
  • Dominique Vidal
  • Joel Hwang
  • Arne Wolter
  • Jonathan Khlar
  • Ziv Kop
  • Yossi Sela