Onyx Contextual Pre-Roll Outperforms Allianz Direct’s Video Strategy Benchmarks

Success Story

From captivating storytelling to immersive experiences, digital video has emerged as the primary and influential format for brands, fueled by the broad preference among online audiences for video-first media consumption.


Integrating creativity, technological innovation and strategic partnerships, Allianz Direct, a leading worldwide online insurance company, embraced an extensive video strategy on the open web to increase its brand and product awareness. Campaign objectives were to enhance exposure for its upper-funnel activation efforts, while also supplementing a conventional lower-funnel strategy.


By combining video storytelling, precise contextual targeting, and predictive technology, the Onyx branding platform seamlessly elevated Allianz Direct’s awareness strategy and reached engaged premium audiences on the open web.

The Onyx Pre-Roll Video experience was meticulously designed to captivate audience attention and enhance brand impact through the art of video storytelling and contextual relevance. The video campaign was distributed within carefully curated publisher environments, featuring high-quality in-article placements.

Campaign optimization primarily centered around selecting specific contextual segments that aligned with the brand’s objectives, notably focusing on automotive and personal finance-related content for optimal relevance and user engagement.


Onyx Contextual Pre-Roll achieved excellent performance for Allianz Direct in terms of video completion rate and viewability, while also exceeding the network attention benchmark score for AU (Attention Unit). The optimal 0.30% click-through rate performance highlighted the active interest of contextually engaged users to explore the product further, driving quality traffic to the offer landing page.

Onyx Contextual Pre-Roll experience facilitates seamless integration of video storytelling and product consideration, allowing them to coexist harmoniously. The results coming from campaign’s optimization clearly demonstrate that attention metrics are a powerful tool to improve both quality and scale, and contextual targeting is strategic to boost our overall video strategy.”

– Andrea Zangrandi, Brand & Advertising Media Manager, Allianz Direct

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