CheBanca! Maximizes Viewability via Outbrain’s New, Exclusive Programmatic Offering

Success Story

CheBanca! is an Italian fintech company that provides retail banking and mortgage lending services. A subsidiary of Gruppo Mediobanca, the company seeks to leverage the strategic opportunity driven by rapid changes in the regulatory environment and traditional customer-bank relationship.


In order to increase awareness and coverage of its banking solutions, CheBanca!, alongside Havas Media Group, turned to Outbrain to maximize campaign viewability on the open web through Outbrain’s exclusive programmatic offering.

Outbrain’s programmatic offering allows marketers to access premium publishers and exclusive deal types programmatically, using their desired Demand Side Platform (DSP).


When using Outbrain’s exclusive deal offerings, marketers have access to unique inventory and proprietary data that is curated to meet a wide range of advertiser goals. With the aim to increase awareness and ensure its advertising campaign was highly viewable, CheBanca! started out with Outbrain’s High Viewability package, allowing the brand to run exclusively across placements with at least 70% viewability.

After initial success, CheBanca! then tested Outbrain’s new Predicted Viewability deal – an enhanced offering using machine learning to predict in real time the viewability of each impression, and only bid on impressions that would meet CheBanca!’s criteria. This proprietary deal allowed CheBanca! to define a minimum viewability threshold and surpass the initial 70% goal, without any need for additional manual optimization.


In just one month, Outbrain’s Predicted Viewability deal helped CheBanca! improve its viewability by 17% while CTR observed a 40% increase.

We’re very pleased with our collaboration with the Outbrain team. Their communication, support, and unique Predicted Viewability deal type helped us achieve strong campaign results for CheBanca!’s viewability on the open web.”

– Marco Pagani, Digital Precision Expert, Havas Media Group

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