Renault Promotes its Newest Alpine Care Model with a Sequenced Content Strategy



Success Story

Alpine, an iconic Renault sub-brand, launched in 2016 with a new premium sports model. After being off the grid for more than 20 years, the Alpine brand rebuilds its notoriety by launching its newest model to a targeted and relevant audience through a sequenced content strategy.


Renault’s Alpine team and OMD used Outbrain’s power of Discovery (75% reach in France) to drive awareness of their positive earned media around the launch of their newest model. Alpine then used the power of Outbrain’s Story Sequencing tool to retarget users who engaged with their earned media with bespoke content created for the launch including: articles, photos and videos hosted on their site. Alpine, in true form to its leader status, was the first brand in Europe to use Story Sequencing as part of its content strategy.


Amplifying positive reviews from trusted third parties allowed Renault to positively influence consumers. By then retargeting users with relevant content through Story Sequencing allowed them to engage with a highly qualified audience.


It is important for our brand to always be at the forefront of innovation and we are therefore very pleased to be the first to test Outbrain’s “Story Sequencing”. Sequencing content fits well the needs of our industry, where consumers usually want to educate themselves through multiple pieces of content before being ready to purchase. Initial results are promising and we are now looking into how we can use it for broader campaigns.”


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