VisitDenmark Brings Awareness to City Odense as a Tourist Destination with Outbrain’s Native Video

Success Story

VisitDenmark, Denmark’s official tourism board, promotes the country as a destination hotspot. The brand launched the campaign: “Odense, Home of Hans Christian Andersen” to promote Odense as an interesting travel destination. VisitDenmark used video storytelling to highlight the magic and beauty of the famous fairytale author’s home.


The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness and inform Italian travellers about Odense. VisitDenmark sought to capture the attention of a qualified audience that they could then direct to their portal.


VisitDenmark created an engaging 68 second video that takes users on a journey. The brand turned to Outbrain’s open web platform to reach a qualified audience through non-intrusive and engaging advertising formats.

For this campaign, the tourism board used Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch video solution – a 100% user opt in format that plays in full view, ideal for immersive video storytelling. The videos was amplified within native placements, such as In-Read and In-feed, across Outbrain’s premium publisher network. By applying an in-video CTA, the brand was also able to drive viewers back to their site.

Furthermore, the campaign was also promoted via standard end-of-article native formats, guaranteeing the brand maximum visibility.


Thanks to the power of Outbrain‘s proprietary user interest data, the brand generated a number of qualified visitors to their Odense landing pages. With Outbrain‘s smart technology and ongoing optimization of creatives, VisitDenmark managed to increase the time spent on their page by 55% while lowering the bounce rate by 50%. Ultimately, the campaign performed well above the initially established KPIs.

Working with Outbrain’s native formats and placements has been a great experience. With Outbrain, we significantly exceeded our initial objectives. Content amplification across their premium punisher was an excellent means of generating awareness and engagement. We look forward to working on more native campaigns with Outbrain, their team was  transparent and supportive which led to great results.“

Annalisa Ferraresi, VisitDenmark Marketing Manager, Italy & France

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