TacoTax Uses Outbrain’s Interest Targeting to Deliver a -44% CPL Compared to Other Channels

Success Story

TacoTax is a simple and intuitive online platform that helps people manage their taxes and finances.


After achieving maximum traffic growth on search and social platforms, TacoTax sought an alternative channel that could convert as many new visitors into qualified leads. The online consulting company turned to Outbrain, a leading advertising platform for the open web.


As TacoTax is very involved in the creation of its campaigns, Outbrain supported the company on a classic open web campaign driven by performance, with the addition of a tracking pixel for better tracking of results.

Together, Outbrain and TacoTax optimized the title and image combinations, as well as the traffic sources and campaign quality, to achieve the best possible performance. Using Outbrain’s Interest Targeting technology, TacoTax was able to target new consumers most likely to be interested in the brand’s content, thereby generating the most qualified leads.


Compared to other activated channels belonging to TacoTax’s media plan (search, social, and other native platforms), Outbrain delivered leads at a lower acquisition cost with an average of -44% CPL.

Having reached maturity with search and social networks, Outbrain has proven to be a solid growth solution for TacoTax. The platform and its features are intuitive, and we were able to quickly see the performance we wanted by continuously optimising our campaigns. This resulted in extremely satisfactory acquisition costs.”

Raphael Mouhica, Digital Director, TacoTax

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