Mattress Firm Attracts New Customers with Outbrain

Success Story

Jackson Spalding is one of the largest independent, marketing communications agencies in the U.S., providing full-service brand awareness strategies, tactics and execution for companies. 


Mattress Firm is America’s largest specialty mattress retailer, with neighborhood stores in 49 states across the country and a passion for helping people find the right bed.


Mattress Firm strives to help customers find the beds they want at a price that fits their budget. They partnered with Jackson Spalding to grow brand awareness that ultimately leads to sales.


Jackson Spalding and Mattress Firm partnered with Outbrain to target segments based on current brand strategy and personas. After driving traffic to Mattress Firm’s blog and site, story sequencing and site retargeting fostered conversions, while lookalikes expanded the pool of potential customers.


Outbrain quickly became one of Mattress Firm‘s key digital partners, bringing in new blog visitors at cost-effective CPCs.

With advanced targeting solutions and cost-efficient optimization capabilities, Outbrain’s become a critical content marketing tactic for our team. The platform’s been integral in boosting awareness, driving traffic and nursing prospects further down the funnel through Mattress Firm’s blog.”

Daniel Sweeney, Jackson Spalding

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