Vodafone: Outbrain is 2X More Profitable than Display and Other Native Channels

Success Story

Vodafone is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, offering technology, products, and services across the globe.


The company partnered with Outbrain, a leading advertising platform for the open web, to bring to its customers‘ attention three of its products – One, Voice, and Fiber.


Interested users could fill out a form to get more information from Vodafone. Through A / B testing of headlines and images as well as continuous campaign optimisation, Vodafone was able to engage a qualified audience on Outbrain’s premium publisher suite. As a result, Vodafone achieved a 175% higher click-through rate than comparable native channels.


Advertising on the open web enabled Vodafone to maximise traffic to its product pages. Outbrain was the most profitable lead generation channel compared to other platforms, with a cost-per-lead (CPL) 53% below other native channels and 9% lower than display. These impressive results were the reason Vodafone continued its partnership with Outbrain and invested more of its budget into native advertising.


Outbrain is our most profitable channel compared to display and other native ad channels we used to generate leads. We are satisfied with the results we’ve achieved so far and consider Outbrain a strategic partner for our marketing mix. This is why we‘ve decided to increase our investment with Outbrain and will continue to rely on Outbrain in the future.”

Alberto García, Director of Performance for Vodafone at Agency Wink TTD

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