Outbrain Delivers 50% Lower CPC Compared to Social with Ad Creatives from Social



Blinkist is an app that condenses more than 2,000 non-fiction books into digestible recaps that take 15 minutes to read or listen to, empowering people to learn the essential ideas from the best books in a chosen field. Blinkist built a marketing strategy that leverages its own online magazine – drawing on content about learning, productivity, and knowledge to raise awareness for its offering and to drive subscriptions.


Blinkist worked with Outbrain as a primary strategic channel to reach qualified users via Native Discovery in order to optimise for two types of conversions:

  • App Downloads
  • Subscriptions


In partnership with Outbrain, Blinkist generated up to 50,000 downloads per month. Ongoing optimisation as well as reaching a qualified audience ensured  50% higher time-on-site than Search and a 50% lower CPC than Social.