Babbel’s New Language-Learning Service, Babbel Live, Translates to Success with Outbrain’s Optimization Tools

Success Story

Babbel, the world’s top selling language-learning app with over 10 million subscribers, creates app-based lessons as well as podcasts, games, and videos to help people around the world learn new languages.


Babbel recently launched a new language-learning experience, Babbel Live, bringing its learning method to life through conversation-driven, live, and virtual group classes conducted by a certified teacher.

For the launch of this product, the brand leveraged Outbrain’s automated solutions to efficiently target and acquire potential customers.


To increase engagement with its target audience, Babbel first needed to make sure to create compelling and effective ads. To achieve that, Babbel used Outbrain’s Title Suggestions, a tool powered by AI technology that automatically suggested titles by scanning the brand’s landing pages.

This tool not only helped save time during the creative process, but also helped increase overall campaign performance by creating titles Babbel’s audience was more likely to engage. To generate as many leads as possible within its set target, Babbel then used Conversion Bid Strategy, Outbrain’s automated bidding tool, to optimize bids in real-time and reach the desired objective – eliminating the need for manual adjustments.


Thanks to Outbrain’s Title Suggestions and Conversion Bid Strategy tools, Babbel was able to run engaging ads and generate quality leads for its new product across Outbrain’s premium publisher suite.

We have had great success working with Outbrain in the past and are very happy with the level of support and the opportunity to test new features on the platform. Launching a new product isn’t always easy – but testing is king. We generated a great amount of leads which proves that the Outbrain audience is interested in Babbel Live alongside our core product. We are excited about the next steps of our partnership as Outbrain has proven itself as a strong and valuable channel for our marketing efforts.”

– Liubov Lakovleva, Team Lead Display, Babbel

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