Pijper Media Doubles RPM with Outbrain’s Read More Button

Success Story

Pijper Media is a fast-growing publisher from Groningen, Netherlands. Founded as a family business 50 years ago, it has since built a very strong portfolio of well-known brands such as Grazia, Beau Monde, Marie Claire, Panorama, and Wieler Revue.


Pijper Media noticed that while over two-thirds of its website traffic came from Facebook, it was also its least engaged audience. User behavior typically consisted of reading a piece of the article that brought them to the publisher website, followed by quickly going back to browsing the social platform.


In order to increase content engagement and time-spent-on-site, with users coming from Facebook, Pijper Media followed Outbrain’s recommendation to implement a “what’s next” user experience. The idea was simple: ensure users coming from the social media giant stay longer on the Pijper Media platform, boosting engagement and increasing revenue potential.

Outbrain’s Read More Button (RMB) was chosen to help maintain mobile traffic coming from Facebook on the Grazia website for a longer duration of time. With this feature, Pijper Media engaged audiences where they were less likely to interact with the content they accessed, ultimately offering the publisher improved viewability and higher CTR. As RMB is also double-sided, ensuring users interact a lot more with both editorial content and sponsored recommendations, Pijper Media was able to maximize audience engagement and site monetization.


Implementing a “Read More” button was a game changer for Pijper Media. One year into using this format brought results that have exceeded expectations:

I am really pleased that Outbrain became our partner a few years back and have since brought along a remarkable level of service. Our digital shift came with its fair share of challenges and Outbrain’s response was everything we expected. Its products and technology are a game-changer for us, delivering improved audience engagement and increased site monetization without leaving behind what really matters – the user experience – thanks to a spotless integration. I look forward to our future work with Outbrain in the coming years.”

Anton Pijper, CEO – Pijper Media

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