Camaïeu Boosts ROI with Outbrain as an Effective Contribution Lever to Sales

Success Story

Camaïeu is a French, ready-to-wear retail company that manufactures and sells its own collections of women’s clothing. The brand sought to boost e-commerce activity in preparation of peak online traffic for the 2021 summer sales season.


With a media mix dedicated to performance – search and social platforms as the main levers – Camaïeu chose to diversify with native ads using Outbrain’s advertising platform for the open web. The brand had a dual objective of generating new visitors while boosting conversions and ROI.


Camaïeu was convinced by the power of Outbrain’s suite of top media owners and its knowledge of consumers’ true interests. To generate qualified traffic to its site, Camaïeu leveraged Outbrain’s Standard Smartad: a brand-safe, impactful ad format placed at the end of an article where reader attention is at its highest. Outbrain’s Clip Smartad, a short-form video format designed to achieve performance KPIs, was then used to bring Camaïeu’s products to life and exceed the campaign’s conversion goals. 


The quality and power of Outbrain’s publisher suite and its advanced targeting capabilities enabled Camaïeu to far exceed its objectives:

Diversifying our media mix and therefore testing other attribution logics is important to us. This is especially the case to improve performance in terms of new visits and conversions, and to feed our audience pools. Outbrain’s added value can be seen by analyzing the performance of the campaign along the entire funnel, and not just by focusing on the last-click as we might be used to. Outbrain actually doubled conversions with this approach, and as a result we’re planning to use Outbrain in upcoming digital campaigns.” 

Coralie De Graeve, Traffic Manager at Camaïeu

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