Todis Strengthens Engagement Among New Audiences with Outbrain’s Carousel Smartad

Success Story

Todis is an Italian retail company that offers a wider assortment of private label goods than the classic discount store. With a focus on quality and convenience, the company promotes weekly product promotions through the physical distribution of flyers.


Due to the lockdown period brought on by the pandemic, Todis shifted its marketing focus by promoting its flyers online for consumers to find affordable and quality products at the nearest store. Together with its agency Digital Angels, Todis identified Outbrain as an effective advertising channel to drive quality traffic to the Todis website, where consumers would discover active promotions at the moment they are most likely to engage.


Todis was among the first brands in Italy to test Outbrain’s Carousel Smartad. By leveraging Carousel, brands can showcase a wide range of offers and products with up to 10 cascading images within one ad unit. Carousel’s interactive experience helped Todis guide qualified consumers through all of the potential offers awaiting them — with tailored calls-to-action on each Carousel card. Todis also leveraged Outbrain’s Lookalike Audiences tool to reach new audiences who share similar interests to their existing customers.


The results of Todis’ campaign were successful not only in terms of quality traffic generation but also in terms of building engagement, evidenced by strong CTR and dwell time performance among new audiences.

Outbrain’s Carousel Smartad gave us that added boost to drive quality traffic to our site, under an unprecedented period of difficulty in which the distribution of flyers has been almost completely supplanted by online channels. Thanks to Outbrain‘s cutting-edge technology and its network of premium publishers, we were able to reach a highly qualified audience and generate genuine interest in our brand. What we appreciated most was the fact that we were able to work with a full funnel partner like Outbrain, which allowed us to achieve our goals in an efficient way.”

Sara Pifferi, Marketing Director & Andrea Fortini, Digital Marketing and Communication Manager at Todis

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