Schubkraft Lowers CPA And Saves Time With Fully Automated Conversion Bid Strategy by Outbrain



Success Story

Schubkraft is a fast growing online marketing startup with a focus on lead generation.


Schubkraft is the foremost lead generation service in Germany. Partners depend on them as a scalable, turn-key marketing channel. Schubkraft maximizes traffic and engagement through their custom landing pages tailored to specific interests and lead types.

Schubkraft uses many different tools and channels to generate the best ROI as efficiently as possible.


Schubkraft collaborates closely with Outbrain to aid their lead generation goals, taking advantage of Outbrain’s vast premium publisher network and engaged audience. They tested Fully Automated Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS) to compare results to manually optimized campaigns. CBS is Outbrain’s ultimate marketer tool, automatically optimizing performance according to goals (conversions or CPA). Fully Automated is the CBS mode designed to bring as many conversions as possible within a given budget by adjusting CPC based on multiple data points including publisher section, hour, and platforms.

After confirmation that Fully Automated campaigns must maintain a sufficient budget to allow the algorithm to collect enough data for each hour of the day to optimize on conversions successfully, Schubkraft saw positive results.


The addition of Fully Automated CBS to campaigns not only achieved lower CPAs but also saved the performance marketing team precious time previously spent optimizing manually. Those hours can now be invested in the development of strategic campaign concepts.

Fully Automated CBS campaigns are now integrated into Schubkraft’s core campaign portfolio.

The targeting and bid strategy tools, premium publisher network, and excellent account management team makes Outbrain a strategically important Performance Marketing channel. Outbrain enables us to use our own special interest portals to generate leads that deliver a very high customer lifetime value for our partners.”

Matthias Kube, Founder & CEO, Schubkraft

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