Dolead reduces CPL by 20% with Outbrain’s Conversion Bid Strategy

Success Story

Dolead generates sales-ready leads via paid marketing campaigns in Europe and the U.S., thanks to its proprietary technology and industry-focused approach to ensure long-term growth for businesses.


Since 2018, the company has leveraged Outbrain’s proprietary technology to generate leads at very competitive CPAs. In its constant search for more qualified leads at better costs, particularly in the insurance, energy, and education sectors, Dolead tested Outbrain’s Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS) tool to improve profitability through an optimized cost-per-lead strategy.


Conversion Bid Strategy is a tool that automatically optimizes campaigns towards the best performing placements and audiences, according to an advertiser’s defined objectives. Dolead selected two modes within CBS for its advertising campaign focused on efficient lead generation:

Semi Manual: This CBS mode allowed Dolead to diversify ad exposure across the Outbrain network and collect valuable data (clicks, CTR and CPC) to identify publishers with the best conversion rates.

Target CPA
: Dolead then used Target CPA mode to meet a defined cost-per-acquisition and maximize conversions through real-time CPC optimization. Target CPA often goes further and even outperforms the target CPA initially set by the advertiser.


Dolead’s involvement in performing frequent A/B tests on creative elements played a crucial role in the campaign’s success.

After using Outbrain’s Semi Manual Conversion Bid Strategy, we decided to test Target CPA mode, which we found was better adapted to our lead generation strategy. The results obtained were very satisfying, as we reduced our CPA by 20% while achieving a +33% conversion rate compared to the competition’s benchmarks. Thanks to this performance, we increased our Outbrain budget by 55% so far in 2021.”

Kevin Bucher, Head of Social & Native Ads, Dolead

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