Euronews Increases RPM by 34% with Outbrain Smartlogic

Success Story

Euronews is Europe’s leading international news channel, providing independent and fact-based journalism to 145 million monthly users. Grounded in factual reporting, Euronews audiences consider it to be the most trustworthy and accurate global news channel.


As a strategic partner, Outbrain strengthens and supports Euronews via a range of innovative technologies that create an optimal user experience while driving editorial engagement and strong revenue streams.


Outbrain’s Smartfeed, a customizable recommendation feed including a range of formats and experiences, has helped power audience growth and engagement across Euronews properties since 2019. Taking customization to the next level, Smartlogic technology was integrated earlier this year to enable even more engaging and interactive discoveries.

Smartlogic is Outbrain’s new sophisticated serving logic that dynamically adjusts the arrangement, ratio and design of content within widgets, depending on the customer’s preferences, for an optimal user experience.

Euronews and Outbrain followed a staggered approach to convert individual widgets and let data be the driver. It was not long before the product proved its worth and Smartlogic was quickly fully rolled out.


The integration of Smartlogic across Euronews properties has helped the media company boost consistent performance in both RPM and editorial CTR, while also seeing a positive impact in its organic traffic.

Thanks to Outbrain and Smartlogic, we are able to offer our users a more dynamic and personalized recommendation experience while generating an impressive uplift in audience engagement and direct revenues.”

Laureen Astruc, Head of B2C Digital Products, Euronews

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