Adnimation Significantly Boosts Revenue for Its Publishers with Outbrain

Success Story

Adnimation is an innovative website monetization service and technology company that manages ad sales for hundreds of publishers, utilizing advanced technology with a hands-on professional touch.


With the goal of maximizing ad revenue for its publishers, Adnimation chose to work with Outbrain to help drive revenue while maintaining a strong user experience.


Adnimation used Smartlogic – Outbrain’s new serving infrastructure – as well as a full suite of formats, including ReadNext and Explore More, and full-page monetization solutions across different placements (such as In-Article and Sidebars) to boost revenue and increase engagement metrics for its publishers.

Outbrain’s products were very effective in helping Adnimation meet its goals. The deployed tools were a critical element of its monetization strategy, and helped to optimize ad placements, increase viewability, and further engagement.


Since its partnership with Outbrain began, Adnimation’s account revenue has increased by 303% – contributing 3x as much for its publishers thanks to Outbrain’s various tools and solutions. In addition, all of its publishers are generating an average of 36% more revenue with Outbrain.

Working with Outbrain has been a tremendous benefit for us, and more importantly, for our hundreds of partnering publishers. Outbrain’s innovative solutions help us to significantly increase our publishers’ revenue and improve the user experience on their websites. The impact that Outbrain has for our publishers cannot be overstated, and we look forward to continue building on this productive partnership to achieve even greater success.”

– Maor Davidovich, Co-founder and CEO of Adnimation

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