Outbrain’s AI-first platform boosts RPM for Top Gear and Autobild Spain 

Success Story

Axel Springer Spain, a prominent media company operating in business, automotive, technology, and entertainment sectors, owns two successful automotive publications: Topgear.es and Autobild.es.


With an impressive monthly audience of more than 2 million unique users, Axel Springer aimed to enhance its recommendation experience while maintaining user satisfaction and boosting revenue on desktop and mobile devices. 


In pursuit of this goal, the company sought a cutting-edge feed solution that could deliver personalized recommendations, elevating the overall user experience without compromising on revenue generation. 


Axel Springer leveraged Outbrain’s Smartlogic technology on Topgear.es and Autobild.es. This machine learning and AI technology was applied to both desktop and mobile platforms, enabling the company to select relevant content cards based on audience interests and its own specific objectives. 

By dynamically customizing the feeds on its two sites, Axel Springer optimized the user experience, ad engagement, and overall attention. 

Outbrain’s approach successfully balanced user engagement and monetization, ensuring Axel Springer effectively reached its objectives.


By embracing data-driven decision making, Axel Springer was able to unlock outstanding results across its sites.

At Axel Springer, it is very important to rely on specialized technology partners that offer quality services and transparency, with user experience and privacy at the center of its strategy. Thanks to Outbrain, we have increased our RPMs while maintaining quality and the best user experience.”

– Aitana Núñez Salinas, Head of Programmatic, Axel Springer Spain

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