Sky Achieves 6 Billion Listings with Outbrain’s Audience Campaigns

Success Story

Sky is Europe’s largest media company and pay-TV broadcaster, with the goal of offering more customers better access to great content.


With over 23 million customers, Sky News and Sky Sports are among the media company’s most watched channels and the most trusted sources of news, highlights, and analysis across audiences in Europe. Both services leverage Outbrain’s recommendation technology to power editorial re-circulation and monetization through personalized content.


To drive users towards engaging content, Sky News and Sky Sports have integrated Outbrain’s Smartfeed, a customizable, dynamic, and tailored feed of recommendations that helps create lasting relationships with readers.

In combination with this powerful format, the media company uses Outbrain’s Audience Campaigns tool to promote its own editorial content within Outbrain organic placements.

Sky uses this tool for a range of purposes, such as driving audiences to specific articles and helping generate additional sign ups to Sky Box Office, a pay-to-watch service.

Launching an Audience Campaign is simple and accessible directly by publishers via the dedicated tab found in the Outbrain Dashboard.


To date, with Outbrain’s Audience Campaigns, Sky has achieved:

By leveraging Outbrain’s Audience Campaigns, we’ve been able to algorithmically drive users towards meaningful content in a dynamic recommendation experience – supporting our own commercial initiatives and generating an impressive uplift in audience engagement and revenues.”

Hugh Middleton, Product Lead, Sky

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