7sur7, Part of DPG Media Belgium, Achieves +105% Average Monthly Revenue with Outbrain

Success Story

7sur7, part of DPG Media Group, is a leading French-speaking news website in Belgium that provides quality, relevant content on current news, sports, and entertainment topics.


Historically, 7sur7 has used a standard native advertising strategy made solely of sponsored formats. Recognizing that this approach had room for growth, 7sur7 worked closely with Outbrain to not only improve its revenue streams but also grow its editorial page views.


Per Outbrain’s recommendation, 7sur7 implemented Smartfeed, an end-article format that combines various organic and paid experiences. Its card-based and highly visual design helps increase reader engagement by using all forms of content, from editorial and outstream video to sponsored and native placements. Bringing the feed experience popularized by social platforms to the open web, Smartfeed enabled 7sur7 to create a seamless discovery experience tailored to reader interests.

Following the great results shown by the implementation of Smartfeed, 7sur7 agreed to test Smartlogic, becoming among the first publishers in Belgium using this combined technology. Smartlogic is Outbrain’s latest serving logic that dynamically adjusts the arrangement and formats of content within Smartfeed, depending on user preferences and 7sur7’s KPI’s.


The tailor-made solution for 7sur7, combining Outbrain’s Smartfeed format with the Smartlogic technology, exceeded all expectations.

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