Audi Drives User Opt-In Engagement with Onyx Brand Studio

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As a first-class brand, Audi sought a partner that could deliver premium and innovative advertising experiences, keeping the brand top-of-mind through strong campaign engagement and memorable interaction.

The Challenge

Audi and its agency, PHD Media, challenged Onyx Brand Studio to drive video views and site visits, in an innovative yet efficient solution. The objective was to share Audi’s story of innovation through unique ad design that would win user attention and break through ad blindness.

The Solution

For a brand like Audi, which has distinct brand messaging, it was up to the Onyx Brand Studio team to push the boundaries by embracing the digital canvas in new ways. Using interactive elements, Brand Studio’s designers created a custom format that opened two paths for audience engagement. Users who swiped on the Audi ad were then connected to a 15-second video, allowing them to learn more about the brand’s concept car, technology, and innovation. Meanwhile, users could also tap on the ad to be taken straight through to Audi’s site. This multi-touch function helped maximize the potential of user engagement while introducing multiple pieces of content, all through one ad experience.

Preview on Mobile


The Brand Studio team gathered essential learnings that contributed to the success of the campaign’s performance.

  • Ad Experience = Attention:

    The average dwell time on publisher pages showcasing the Audi campaign was nearly 45 seconds – 18% higher vs. Moat benchmark. This indicated that the user experience kept consumers engaged longer than usual.

  • Creative to Engage:

    The swiping option resonates strongly among users, and is more native to mobile compared to tapping or clicking. The swipe rate of this campaign drove 3.8x better engagement compared to the click rate.

  • Open Web Audiences:

    The most engaged users ultimately had three brand interactions – swiping, watching the video, and clicking through to the Audi site – all in one custom format to help generate better attention and engagement.

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We achieved great results in terms of output and campaign approach. We were able to easily monitor daily performance, in terms of whitelist, ability, and more. We enjoyed a remarkable level of flexibility, and we loved the fact the custom format was impactful and non-intrusive. Working with Onyx Brand Studio was a smooth and effortless process.”

Luca Petrachi

Digital Specialist, PHD Media