Brooklinen Uses Outbrain Lookalikes to Deliver a 50% Lower CPA

Success Story

Brooklinen was started by a Brooklyn couple looking for a destination to buy beautiful and ridiculously comfortable sheets that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Within two years, their direct-to-consumer model has grown 10x each year.


Brooklinen’s goal was to reach new customers who would respond positively to its product and purchase its home essentials. By amplifying its owned, earned, and sponsored content across all devices through Outbrain’s premium publisher network, it successfully exposed thousands of unique new visitors to its brand, captured new email signups, and generated sales. Brooklinen leveraged all of Outbrain’s advanced targeting tools to increase conversion rates and continue to scale.


Brooklinen used Custom Audiences and Story Sequencing to re-message users who engaged with its brand but didn’t purchase. Additionally, it targeted specific publisher verticals and demographics to expose its content to the right audience. Outbrain’s Lookalikes feature was also used to reach new users with similar content consumption habits to its existing customers. To do this, Outbrain built a Lookalike model based on Brooklinen’s existing customers and collected information from Brooklinen’s Custom Audience pixel on Brooklinen’s confirmation page to create this model. It then targeted this Lookalike audience with its top performing headlines and images. Positive earned media was especially powerful in converting these new “lookalike” users.

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Outbrain proved to be a valuable channel for delivering new customers efficiently and at scale. Outbrain’s traffic converted 15% more users within the same day vs. social platforms with 3X lower CPCs. Additionally, desktop Lookalike audiences outperformed all run of network and publisher vertical prospecting campaigns. The lookalike audience drove 2.2x higher CVR vs. the control run of the network campaign, and delivered a 50% lower CPA.

The team at Outbrain continues to provide us with new opportunities to scale our top of funnel efforts efficiently. Being able to slice up targeting by demographics, location, lookalikes, and interest groups finally allowed us to figure out what content we should serve to the right customer at the right time.”

Justin Lapidus, General Manager, Brooklinen

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