MYOB Increases Brand Consideration with Outbrain’s Engagement Bid Strategy

Success Story

MYOB is an Australian business software company that provides tax, accounting, payroll and other services to Australian and New Zealand businesses. The company sought to diversify its media mix outside of social media by testing Outbrain for key campaigns.


Activating Outbrain saw an immediate increase in traffic to important landing pages, with the aim of driving accountants and finance professionals to download its guide. 


To target this niche audience segment, MYOB initially launched a regular traffic campaign through the Outbrain Amplify dashboard. After some analysis and upon recommendation from the Outbrain team, MYOB then tested Engagement Bid Strategy (EBS) to efficiently reach its most attentive audiences and prime them for action.

By deploying EBS, the company ingested its first-party analytics data within Outbrain’s bid optimization technology for the best bidding and serving decisions. This enabled MYOB to achieve a 205% increase in click-through rate and 141% lift in traffic compared to standard campaigns.

Thanks to EBS, MYOB was also able to build a lookalike audience based on
the most attentive consumers, ultimately increasing conversion rate by 175%. 


The Outbrain team has closely worked with us over the past few months, sending through recommendations for optimizing our campaigns and providing solutions to our challenges. Since implementing EBS campaigns, we’ve seen a significant increase in the quality of traffic and conversion rate for our Outbrain campaigns.” 

Michael Yu, Digital Marketing Specialist, MYOB

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