Lifesum Increases Subscriptions by +136% with Outbrain’s Conversion Bid Strategy

Success Story

Lifesum is a global nutrition app that inspires, empowers, and guides people to reach their health goals for an improved everyday life. With more than 50 million users worldwide, the app is affordable, personalized, and acts as a nutritional guide in your pocket.


Lifesum chose Outbrain as its open web partner to actively reach and acquire qualified users across Europe and North America. The brand’s main objective for a successful campaign was based on Outbrain’s ability to drive brand consideration and activation, from clicks and installs to subscription purchases. 


With Outbrain, the brand promoted articles on topics such as the benefits of diet plans while testing different creative variations to see which worked best in each market. Doing so, Lifesum educated audiences on the capabilities of the app prior to download, resulting in engaged and energized users who were far more likely to opt into the app’s paid premium service.  

To ultimately increase its community of loyal app users, Lifesum leveraged Target CPA mode of Conversion Bid Strategy, Outbrain’s proprietary auto optimization tool. Designed for performance goals, Target CPA mode succeeded in keeping Lifesum’s campaigns profitable by maximizing efficiency and conversions at the defined target CPA set by the brand. 

Outbrain stood out among other native platforms when it came to conversion rate (10.4% versus 8.4%).


Outbrain became Lifesum’s most profitable native advertising partner thanks to tools like Conversion Bid Strategy. Lifesum campaigns across the Outbrain platform achieved:

Conversion Bid Strategy was an excellent way to ensure our campaigns delivered our paid subscription goal while making the most out of the CPA we specified. Solutions like these show that Outbrain’s ability to drive performance is as promising as its team of excellent account management and dedication.”

Manjusha Thomas, Head of Performance Marketing, Lifesum

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