Elvie Increases Brand Awareness with Outbrain’s Full Stack Native Solution

Success Story

Elvie, a company with a mission to improve women’s lives through smarter technology, creates innovative femtech products and solutions.


As the creator of the world’s first silent and cordless wearable breast pump, Elvie sought to bring brand awareness to its technology for nursing mothers. The company turned to Outbrain, a leading advertising platform for the open web, to increase awareness about its female-forward products.


Outbrain’s full stack native solution allowed Elvie to engage consumers across the open web through a variety of creatives including memorable video content and earned media. This provided the femtech brand, which has pioneered its own vertical, the opportunity to explain its products in an effective and entertaining manner, optimizing consumer engagement. Additionally, advertising through Outbrain ensured that Elvie reached consumers who were in discovery mode, when they were open to and interested in learning about new products.

The femtech brand was then able to leverage Outbrain’s retargeting capabilities to drive conversions lower down the funnel to this pre-educated audience who had previously engaged with its content.


Outbrain proved an effective channel for introducing new users to the brand by serving ads to relevant consumers.

Outbrain has been extremely successful at increasing brand awareness for Elvie. It is even ahead of paid search in driving traffic to our site.”

Lucia Cisneros, Digital Marketing Manager, Elvie

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