Huggies Engages its Target Audience with Outbrain

Success Story

Huggies, a leading global diaper brand, is the foundation of Kimberly-Clark’s $6 billion Baby Care business.


Huggies’ website is rich with content covering a wide variety of topics related to pregnancy, birth, and early days of parenthood. The site provides parents with valuable content on important issues related to their babies, delivering value to consumers while strengthening perceptions of the Huggies brand.


To help its target audience find more of this content, Huggies used Outbrain’s  recommendation platform. By recommending Huggies content alongside editorial stream, audiences were exposed to and able to interact further with relevant and interesting content on Huggies’ site.



Since Outbrain refers traffic from high-quality content sources and has an audience who is highly engaged with this content, Huggies enjoyed the benefits of high click-through rates and a high level of engagement with its content.

Marketing in a digital world means meeting your consumers where it is most natural for them while providing real value, as opposed to pushing a one-sided marketing message. During pregnancy and birth stages our consumers are eager for information, and Huggies, as a leading baby care brand in Israel, is committed to providing them value through high-quality and relevant content. Following the successful cooperation of Huggies and Outbrain, it is only natural that we expand our collaboration to other categories in the company.”

Tal Schmidt, Digital Marketing Manager, Hogla-Kimberly

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