SaaS Startup Matera Accelerates Growth Thanks to High Volume Lead Generation with Outbrain

Success Story

Matera is a French SaaS startup that pioneers the “self managed” model for residential property management. Founded in 2017, its platform offers a suite of online services as an alternative to traditional professional intermediaries – known in France as “syndics”. 


To accelerate its commercial development, Matera sought to diversify its media mix and acquisition levers. Outbrain’s ability to scale outside the walled gardens and deliver engaging ad experiences convinced Matera to leverage a native advertising campaign on the open web.


Matera’s objective was to generate as many leads as possible on a daily basis, while respecting the target cost per lead. Among the range of Outbrain’s performance features, Matera took advantage of two intelligent bidding modes within Conversion Bid Strategy: 

– Semi Manual identified traffic sources with the best conversion rates.

– Target CPA was then used to maximize the number of conversions at the price defined by Matera.

After 3 months of campaigning, Matera tripled its investment to meet its ambitious goals, even going so far as to spend 6-figure budgets during the summer of 2021. Outbrain has thus become a key player and one of the most profitable in Matera‘s media plan. 


Matera’s dedication to its campaigns – its CEO is on the creative with the best conversion rate to date – resulted in the company far surpassing its goals for the period October 2020 to October 2021:

We were quickly surprised by Outbrains ability to deliver high volumes of audiences and leads at very competitive prices. Today, they have become a major partner that contributes greatly to the achievement of our ambitious development objectives. We are also counting on them to conquer the international market, starting with Germany very soon.

– Bertrand Charlot, Paid Acquisition Manager, Matera

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