Toyota Activates Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy Using Onyx by Outbrain™, Connecting Attention to Outcomes

Success Story

Outbrain has been a long-standing partner of ours in a digital era that demands agility and versatility among industry stakeholders. Recognizing attention as a critical metric tying awareness tactics to outcomes, Onyx was a strategic fit to help us achieve a seamless brand experience across the funnel.” – Marie Domart, Senior Advertising Manager, Toyota France


With direct correlation between attention and business outcomes, Toyota sought a dynamic approach that moved beyond standard current measurements. For piloting the campaign of its new Toyota C-HR model on a new attention KPI, the GroupM team and Toyota chose Outbrain’s Onyx branding platform to drive incremental, high-attention video moments for greater brand impact. Toyota then harnessed that success to fuel its always-on performance campaigns, benefiting from this audience pool and shaping an effective retargeting strategy.


Built with attention in mind, Onyx combines unique prediction technology and engaging, high-impact formats carved out within exclusive, in-article placements across premium publisher environments. Toyota leveraged the platform’s Contextual Pre-Roll video experience, bringing together video storytelling and product consideration in one content media format.

In addition, through Onyx’s partnership with attention measurement platform, Adelaide, campaign performance was optimized using the attention unit (AU) score – a proven metric, correlating attention in quality environments with outcomes.


The audience pool built from our awareness campaign with Onyx allow us to fine-tune our approach down the funnel, creating a synergy between branding and performance. Our experience with Onyx is proof that captivating audiences isn’t just about making them aware of a brand, but motivating them to take action further along in their journey.”

Lena Boussuge, Digital Account Director, The&Partnership

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