Outbrain Outperforms Social in Driving Quality Traffic for Michelin



Success Story

The world’s leading tire manufacturer for more than 100 years, the Michelin Group, which also engages in a wide range of other activities, focuses on innovation to better service mobility for people and goods. 


On the recommendation of its media agency, Havas Market, Michelin partnered with Outbrain to promote its winter product line, via a campaign with the dual objective of generating website visits over 30 seconds while achieving a maximum cost-per-visitor of €1.50.

Overall, the campaign’s goal was to generate qualified traffic to direct those consumers to information on the most relevant range of tires for them and their nearest retailer.


Outbrain’s ability to drive relevant recommendations for audiences, coupled with its proprietary targeting technology based on consumers’ true interests, allowed Michelin to reach a new, highly qualified and engaged audience. Thanks to the activation of Outbrain’s Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS) that automates bids according to specific conversion goals, the campaign’s objectives were quickly achieved, and even exceeded.  


By leveraging Outbrain’s network of premium publishers and the power of CBS, Outbrain  became Michelin’s best performing channel for this campaign — ahead of Social.

Outbrain allowed us to reach a quality audience, at a time when their attention is at its peak. Thanks to its unique data and innovative new features, Outbrain has become one of the main partners in our digital media mix. We are now looking to extend our collaboration to all our highlights throughout the year.”

Benoît de Susbielle, Global Media Director, Michelin Group

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