Tikamoon Generates +27% ROAS with Outbrain Compared to Display

Success Story

Tikamoon, an iconic French DFB – Digital First Brand – combines passion and oneness to offer its customers durable and quality furniture since 2008.


Having quickly become an e-commerce leader in France, Tikamoon now aims to strengthen its market position in Europe. To achieve this goal, the brand needed to make itself known to new audiences across the region.


Outbrain represented an ideal solution for Tikamoon to achieve its ambitious domestic and international growth objectives by diversifying its media mix and thus reaching new potential customers.

For this campaign, Tikamoon used a combination of Outbrain’s Standard ad experience and Clip (a short-video format) with engagement-focused elements to help spark user action.

Looking to gain incremental engaged audiences, the brand implemented the Outbrain pixel to exclude audiences already familiar with the brand and target only new visitors. After identifying the audience more likely to engage, the campaign focused on a retargeting strategy via intelligent automated bid strategies.


The combined formats redirected the user to a page displaying a wide selection of products which enabled Tikamoon to boost audience engagement, bringing outstanding results when compared to display campaigns.

The good performance of our native campaigns on France is very encouraging. The combination of Outbrain’s premium network, its engaging and non-intrusive native formats, and the understanding of users’ real interests have made it possible to generate highly qualified traffic to our website. Thanks to our close collaboration – optimizing the creatives, titles, and the landing page – we quickly achieved our objectives and therefore decided to expand our Outbrain retargeting campaigns in Germany, Spain and Italy.”

Acquisition Team at Tikamoon

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