FUNKE Digital Boosts RPM with Outbrain Smartlogic

Success Story

As the digital engine of FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE — one of Germany’s leading media companies — FUNKE Digital pursues the latest technologies and innovations to help drive the publishing industry forward. 


A strategic technology partner since 2017, Outbrain has supported the media group’s outstanding revenue growth and deepened user engagement. Today, Outbrain’s Smartfeed technology is integrated on more than 40 Funke Digital portals to tailor recommended experiences, powered by market-leading solutions that further monetization, audience control, and digital subscriptions.


Among these solutions is Outbrain’s Smartlogic, which dynamically adjusts the arrangement and formats of content within Smartfeed depending on user preferences and FUNKE KPI’s. For example, if a user is interested in specific types of recommendations, feed elements are automatically optimized in order to deliver the best experience possible — increasing user interaction and ultimately revenue. The technology also offers the ability to integrate a number of new card formats, including Highlight Reel and Weekly Highlights. 


FUNKE Digital increased revenue on pages where Smartlogic was implemented: Berliner Morgenpost mobile pages achieved an RPM uplift over 60%, while Google AMP pages increased by almost 40%.

Outbrain continues to evolve its technologies to provide the right solutions for the increasing demands of the publisher business. With Outbrain’s Smartlogic, experiences are more customized to the preferences of our users. The result is higher engagement and optimized monetization.”

Alexander Voß, Head of Ad Technology & Monetization at FUNKE MEDIENGRUPPE

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