Dentolo Achieves Better CPL than Social and Search with Outbrain’s Conversion Bid Strategy

Success Story

Berlin-based start-up dentolo provides an innovative insurance solution that connects customers to a vast network of dental professionals. The company partners with dentists, IT specialists, and experts from the digital and healthcare industry to protect customers from excessive costs.


dentolo pursues a performance-driven marketing strategy aimed at winning new customers for its service by generating leads online. Seeking to diversify its media mix and reduce dependence on the walled gardens, dentolo worked with Outbrain and tested Conversion Bid Strategy, among other features.


dentolo works closely with the native advertising agency Joinative. This collaboration enables the company’s different advertising channels to be compared and optimized accordingly. A decisive factor in partnering with Outbrain was its variety of performance tools such as Conversion Bid Strategy, which adjusts bids automatically depending on performance targets and thus optimizes CPL. In addition, dentolo leveraged OB Code for fast A/B testing, allowing them to set and trigger automated rules that exclude the lowest performing creatives while allocating more budget to top-performing ones.


With Outbrain‘s various performance tools, dentolo was able to significantly reduce CPL compared to other established platforms. In the course of six months, Outbrain’s CPL was 33% lower than that of Social, with a peak of 39% lower than Paid Search. The company also generated 4,000 leads per month, which speaks to the scalability of Outbrain’s advertising platform for the open web.

We are diversifying our media mix to reduce our dependence on a few providers. Working with Outbrain has shown that native advertising is also an excellent source of leads when the tools are used properly and the channel is given time to reach its full potential. We are extremely pleased with the performance of Outbrain.”

Jonas Olausson, Founder at Joinative

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