Oneindia Increases Revenue by 78% with Outbrain’s Smartlogic

Success Story

Oneindia is an online portal that delivers content in news, sports, travel, entertainment, business, and other categories to over 40 million monthly active users in English and seven native Indian languages. 


To maximize revenues primarily from traffic generated on its mobile sites, Oneindia implemented Outbrain’s Smartlogic solution.


Oneindia implemented Smartlogic on its top-two mobile performance widgets for greater monetization.

Smartlogic is a sophisticated upgrade to the Outbrain serving infrastructure that increases widget performance by: 

– Card-based auction – Maximizes engagement by selecting the best-performing recommendation formats based on audience interests.

– Dynamic card order – Automatically optimizes the right order and blend of paid/editorial recommendations based on Oneindia’s goals.

– Card face personalization – Real-time multivariate testing personalized the look and feel of recommendations as much as the recommendation itself.

Thanks to Smartlogic, Oneindia was able to offer its users a more dynamic recommendation experience, and generated an impressive uplift in audience engagement and direct revenues.


Smartlogic infrastructure transformed Oneindia’s recommendation widgets and monetization goals, providing impressive improvements in paid CTR and revenue.

Outbrain deeply comprehends the needs of its partners and always provides an innovative and fitting solution. We further wanted to maximize monetization opportunities and experimented with Outbrain’s recently launched Smartlogic solution. We were amazed by the 78% uplift recorded in our revenue after successful implementation. Outbrain continues to lead the way in product innovation and driving increased revenue for its business partners.”

– Syed Ali, Head of Network Monetization, Oneindia

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