EverQuote Scales Conversions With Outbrain Lookalike Audiences

Success Story

EverQuote takes the hassle of out of securing auto insurance by matching consumers with providers, offering the ability to compare quotes directly from a small group of options. For agents, this proprietary platform delivers high quality, scalable connections to auto insurance consumers.


Driving qualified consumers as efficiently as possible is the cornerstone of EverQuote’s digital strategy. The company partnered with Outbrain for its sophisticated tools and ability to deliver on EverQuote’s conversion goals, identifying the most qualified consumers across the open web.


EverQuote used Outbrain Custom Audiences to create lookalike audiences based on its site visitors. The Outbrain Custom Audiences pixel was installed on EverQuote.com, and Outbrain was able to model the content consumption characteristics of audiences that had visited the site. Only Outbrain can model audiences in this way because of our scale across the web, enabling us to collect consumption patterns and insights based on billions of content clicks. EverQuote’s site visitor lookalike audiences were then targeted across the Outbrain network, giving EverQuote access to new, yet highly qualified audiences that it reached with a call to action message.

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The Outbrain lookalike campaign drove impressive results for EverQuote, not only besting the performance of past Outbrain campaigns that didn’t use this feature but also exceeding EverQuote’s CPA goal. The lookalike approach ensured that audiences who were served with EverQuote content were truly qualified, since they were modeled on past site visitors interests and behaviors. Compared to the prior campaigns, the lookalike mobile CPA was 23% lower and the desktop CPA was 19% lower. The CPA also exceeded EverQuote’s goal by 25% on mobile and 11% on desktop. Most importantly, EverQuote saw a 52% increase in conversions with Outbrain Lookalike Audiences.

Outbrain’s Lookalike Audiences layered on top of the network’s premium placements made it possible for us to scale while beating our KPI goals.”

Kyle Abbott, Vice President, Media Strategy and Analytics

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