Nespresso Generates Awareness for its New Coffee Machine at a Competitive Cost

Success Story


In 2019, Nespresso, together with GO Digital Marketing Agency, launched an awareness campaign for its new, advanced Vertuo coffee machine.


Nespresso created 20-second and 30-second videos and promoted them via various platforms and tools. Outbrain’s Outstream solution was chosen as one of the tools to amplify awareness of the Vertuo coffee machine. Outstream enables wide exposure of the video campaign together with advanced audience targeting, retargeting, control over campaign frequency and optimization. When viewers see Outbrain’s ads during their browsing journey online, the video begins to play automatically and deliver the marketing message to viewers when they are attentive and open to receiving it. This leads to very high video completion rates.


With Outbrain Outstream, Nespresso was able to reach video completion rates of 44%

With Outstream, we discovered an amazing solution to broadcast our message to the relevant target audience at an attractive cost. The video creative and the state of mind of the viewers worked exceptionally well together to bring results.”

Dana Ophir, Digital Manager, Nespresso Israel

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