Outbrain Helps Le Slip Français Reach New Qualified Audiences and Boost Online Sales

Success Story

Le Slip Français, a digital-first retail brand (60% of total sales are completed online), produces high-quality clothing for him and her – 100% made in France: briefs, boxers, socks, t-shirts, pyjamas, and swimwear.


Le Slip Français sought to reach new qualified users and diversify their acquisition channels. Their objectives were two-fold: to generate highly qualified traffic and to improve ROI on their site. Le Slip Français collaborated with Outbrain to reach new users likely to be interested in their products by amplifying product selection pages (summer swimwear selection for their first campaign).


The power of Outbrain’s proprietary interest data enabled Le Slip Français to generate a high volume of incremental new visitors to their site. In the span of two months, Outbrain became their best performing channel for acquiring new users, delivering a ‘CPV utile’ (Cost Per Valuable Visitor = contribution to sales) 30% lower than display. 


In constant search for new channels to drive new traffic to Le Slip Français site, and generate ROI on our e-commerce site, Outbrain has quickly become a highly effective partner to diversify our base of acquisition channels. We are now planning to test Outbrain’s video solutions on our next strategic campaign!”

Lucas Roland, Head of Acquisition, Le Slip Français

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