How Lifesum Increased App Downloads and Gained High Value Customers with Outbrain



Success Story

Lifesum, a health and fitness app developed in Sweden, provides a robust variety of tools and tips to help users reach their health goals. With a range of diet plans, meal plans, habit trackers, recipes, and more, Lifesum aims to make healthy living affordable, personalised, and simple.



When looking to increase the amount of paid users from the U.S. on its app, Lifesum turned to Outbrain, the world‘s leading Native Advertising platform.


The strategy behind acquiring new paid users involved driving readers from Outbrain’s premium publisher network to sponsored content produced by Lifesum. With articles focusing on topics like the benefits of their diet plans, Lifesum was able to educate its users on the capabilities of the app prior to download. This resulted in knowledgeable and engaged users who were far more likely to opt into the app’s paid premium version.

Lifesum used Outbrain’s proprietary targeting tools including interest targeting and lookalikes to reach a relevant audience while driving scale across Outbrain’s network. Outbrain’s high impact placements were especially helpful in driving exposure and click through rates for the app.

In addition, Outbrain’s Campaign Scheduling feature ensured Lifesum was engaging with its target audience at their peak interest time. This allowed Lifesum to reach potential clients when they were most engaged and more likely to pay for the premium app subscription.


Through Outbrain’s network and advanced targeting tools, the campaign was able to exceed expectations, achieving a lower CPA than the original goal, delivering 15,000 average monthly app installs, and driving a 10% registration to paid subscription rate. Compared to social, Outbrain was more effective in increasing paid conversions and reaching an extended group of users that Lifesum would have been unable to reach by solely using social media.

“Outbrain is our top performing Native channel which helps us drive quality premium subscribers to the Lifesum app.”

Jamie Day, Performance Marketing Manager, Lifesum

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