Holaluz Increases Lead Acquisition by 15% with Outbrain

Success Story

Holaluz is a brand that belongs to Clidom Energy SL, a technology company dedicated to the commercialization of 100% renewable energy and gas. Its goal is to connect people to green energy and achieve a fully sustainable world.


Holaluz sought an open web marketing partner that could deliver effective and scalable lead generation, connecting with audiences most interested in receiving information about the company’s services.


Holaluz chose Outbrain as an effective platform to reach new and relevant audiences across a diverse set of premium media owners. With Outbrain, Holaluz campaigns led to a landing page where users could learn about the benefits of using 100% renewable energy and leave their phone number to receive more information. Constant optimization, including headline and image variations, allowed the brand to obtain a strong cost per acquisition.


The results exceeded Holaluz’s expectations, and positioned Outbrain as one of the best platforms for lead acquisition in the brand’s media plan.

Outbrain has been great in helping us scale our volume of leads at a much better cost than expected. Its platform is an important part of our marketing mix and, whenever we can, we increase our investment in light of the good results these campaigns bring us. Our relationship with Outbrain is very dynamic and they always have data and solutions ready to be implemented. In short, it is a pleasure to work with Outbrain.”

– Pablo A. Gil Balseiro, Senior Digital Investment Manager

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