Enpal Engages Open-Web Audiences to Scale Lead Volume During Energy Crisis

Success Story

Enpal is a Berlin-based startup operating in the solar industry. With the aim to fight climate change, its founders realized that not everyone had the financial means to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. To address this issue, the German company found a solution with renting solar systems to homeowners.


Looking to drive action among consumers for its solar energy rental products, Enpal leveraged Outbrain’s exclusive partnerships with leading publishers in Germany, and AI-based technology that optimizes toward conversions and reduces the need for manual campaign management.


To achieve this goal, Enpal deployed Outbrain’s automated bidding tool to optimize its campaigns and help efficiently convert engaged open-web audiences.

Additionally, the brand focused on high quality advertorial content and building engaging landing pages using short quizzes to lead down its marketing funnel and qualify prospects. Enpal quickly realized that Outbrain’s technology, combined with creatives showing real people and dynamic headlines, significantly enhanced campaign performance. Constant optimizations and clever use of Outbrain technology enabled the brand to convert a high volume of quality leads from the open web.


Enpal’s efforts were met with great success, as the brand was able to further scale its business and deliver outstanding results at a challenging time for the energy sector.

We are very pleased with the outcome of our partnership. The customer-centric approach of Outbrain’s advertising platform and the ever-evolving technology it offers are key aspects of our success. We look forward to realizing many more successful campaigns on the open web with Outbrain as our trusted partner.”

– Alina, Senior Growth Development Manager, Enpal

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