Swanson Health Products Increases Dwell Time by 24% with Outbrain

Success Story

Swanson Health Products is a natural health catalog and Internet marketing company.


Swanson Health Products, a retailer of discount vitamins, supplements, and herbs, wanted to introduce its blog content to a new readership. Although the company had succeeded in using social media and email marketing to promote its content, it wanted to drive engagement beyond its already loyal following.


Swanson Health Products implemented Outbrain’s Amplify Self-Serve platform to its comprehensive content marketing initiative. Outbrain Amplify allowed Swanson to have its content recommended alongside editorial content on premium publisher sites like Mashable, CNN and USA Today.

Outbrain also helped the retailer provide contextually relevant links on its site to enhance the way readers were able to discover additional content. This tactic enabled Swanson to prolong reader engagement and limited the number of readers who abandoned the site after reading one article.

CNN outbrain


The results of the implementation have been remarkable. Compared to other content recommendation platforms, Outbrain’s audience spends 24% more time-on-site, views 126% more pages, and yields a 3.7% lower bounce rate. Additionally, Swanson Health Products was able to reach new audiences. 97% of Outbrain traffic is composed of new visitors.

Outbrain not only succeeded in bringing new visitors to our site, but these visitors are engaging with more content for a longer period of time.”

Ben Hanson, Swanson Health Products

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