Outbrain and Agency GeistM Increase Customer Signups

Success Story

GeistM leverages proprietary technology and strategic integrations with key players in content creation, distribution, real-time analytics, and social sharing to drive profitable customer acquisition at scale.


GeistM partnered with Outbrain to drive new sign-ups for its client, a leader in the weight loss space. GeistM and Outbrain designed a highly segmented strategy to isolate top performing variables and expand audience, which provided a blueprint for success for all Outbrain campaigns.


GeistM leveraged several Outbrain targeting solutions to drive and increase signups for this weight loss service. Custom Audiences with email exclusions allowed for a campaign focus on first-time orders. Lookalike Audiences modeled the content consumption behaviors of existing customers across the Outbrain network and identified new audiences with similar profiles to scale and drive higher conversion rates.

The weight loss company also targeted audiences with interest profiles that historically have driven the highest performance using Interest Targeting. Bid by Section was regularly employed to concentrate spend on top performing properties.


By systematically implementing these targeting tactics and allowing them to work together, the brand was able to achieve higher CTRs, more conversions, and lower CPA.

We rely on Outbrain for new customer acquisition efforts and now with our optimized targeting strategy, we feel confident in our ability to identify top performing copy and maximize ROI across all our clients.”

Sameet Durg, Chief Strategy Officer, GEISTM

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