Bosch Increases Brand Awareness for its Cordless Vacuum Cleaners by 30% with Outbrain

Success Story

Cordless vacuum cleaners from Bosch’s Unlimited series are handheld, powerful, flexible, and have a long service life thanks to multi-unit batteries.


Together with its agency, Segmenta Communications, Bosch turned to Outbrain to increase brand awareness for its innovative devices via Outbrain‘s premium publisher network.

A True Engagement Brand Lift study was conducted in partnership with Nielsen to measure the impact of Outbrain’s campaign on the perception of Bosch’s products and their key features. In addition to measuring brand lift, an increase in purchase intent and the ability of consumers to recall of the product’s features were also measured. 


The Nielsen study showed a significant increase in brand perception and preference for the group that engaged with the Bosch vacuum cleaner content via Outbrain. Compared to the control group, they were more likely to associate the Bosch brand (+30%) with battery-powered vacuum cleaners. Moreover, they were more likely to buy a Bosch product (+25%). The effectiveness of native advertising was also measured in the recall of product features, such as the ability to recall Bosch vacuum cleaners’ long-lasting batteries, which increased by 20%.


We are extremely happy with the results that we have achieved with Outbrain. The placements with attention-grabbing formats on premium publishers, in combination with targeted creatives and the optimized landing page, ensured a noticeable increase in brand perception.


Sebastian Wetterauer, Head of Digital Marketing, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Bosch

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