Taurus Pharma Achieves a High Completion Rate with Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch

Success Story

Taurus Pharma sells high-quality dermatological products. It specialises in the treatment of nail diseases and is widely recognised for its development of a patented nail polish, Ciclopoli. To inform consumers about nail fungus treatment with Ciclopoli, the company created a 3-minute educational video.


Taurus Pharma turned to Outbrain, a leading advertising platform for the open web, to distribute its video to the right audience. 

By using Outbrain’s Click-to-Watch video solution, Taurus Pharma reached a pre-qualified audience in the discovery moment. Users were not disrupted by the video while browsing content, but instead were given the choice to opt in and watch. By being 100% user-initiated, Click-to-Watch achieved higher engagement than disruptive formats, which was particularly important as the video discussed pharmaceutical products.

The company established two goals to measure success. Firstly, users needed to watch 75% of the video to ensure the message came across successfully. Secondly, the click rate of the call-to-action, which sent users to a detailed product page, was measured to determine brand interest.


The video campaign exceeded the company’s goals. 54% of users who watched the 3-minute video surpassed the target of a 75% completion rate. The average view time was 85 seconds out of 162 seconds (52% of the video). Brand interest also increased as 9% of users clicked on the call-to-action to obtain additional information.

We preferred an approach where users had a choice and actively decided to watch our explanatory video. As a result, the video reached users who were specifically interested in dermatological ailments and our product, Ciclopoli. By using Click-to-Watch, we effectively reached a highly engaged audience.”

Dr. Sebastian Vögler, Head of Digital Marketing DACH, Taurus Pharma

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